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Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Circle gets Completed

The circle is complete.

It had started with an innocuous challenge for the ball. All I got in return for trying to get the ball was excruciating pain in my right knee. I knew then that I would never be able to play the game I loved, like before. I was almost a cripple.

But to many others it was a joke. They thought I had more interesting things to do off the field. If only they knew that I would have given up anything for the chance to play football.

More than the pain of a torn ligament, the pain of having to put up with insensitive people who had never ever stepped on a football field yet were willing to go around telling how I could have played if only I wanted to, was killing me.

Many a time a thought crossed my mind. If only these people too had torn ligaments for a day they would understand why I did not play. Most people would have walked around on crutches but I never even complained. I knew I could take the pain.

And I vowed to ignore them and silently prayed I would be able play again.

As the second year came around I was determined more than ever that I would play come what may. As luck or bad luck would have it my knee started playing up again. We won our first match but I ended it limping around with swollen knee in pain but without injury.

Hoping to play a part in the later stages of the tournament I decided to sit out the next game. But then when have things ever gone according to plan in my life.

An early goal gave me solace that it was going to be a comfortable game for us and I would be to get some much needed rest. But a freak goal ensured we lost our lead and as time wore on we were getting desperate.

I decided it was all or nothing.

I chucked my shin guards and knee cap away. No point protecting damaged goods. J

With time running out I limped into the field. After a couple of painful attempts to try and kick the ball where I wanted to I finally got the ball 15 yards out. I looked up and found no one to pass to. All that I could see was the goal. I gave it my all and as I hit it I knew it was going in. No one could deny me my goal.

And all the pain of the past year was alleviated in that single moment of glory and happiness.

The very same people who had doubted me were now thumping me on my back and rejoicing with me. Some lessons in life are learnt the hard way.

The circle was complete. What had started on the field has ended on it.

PS: We are into the finals. Even if I have to play with one leg I will be there. For the love of the game and my team CATALANS.....


  1. Thankfully i can surely say that i am not among the one who would have talked about you !!
    i have always admired your determination and passion ... and you deserve much more, don't bother about the world....
    In the end you are the best judge of yourself !!

    Way to go dear friend :) keep writing

  2. Like they say some people let their football do the talking :)

  3. thanks lakshmi
    yes apte....defintely....
    sri wat do u wanna say??