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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Swansong....

Legs are throbbing. Head is feeling dizzy. Body is as tired as it is possible humanely. Every muscle in the body is crying out for help, for the dose of morphine to relieve them of the numbing pain.

But the mind is elated. As happy as anyone could ever hope to be.

We have just won the football tournament….the Catalans have won…..more on spirit and the willingness to push ourselves rather than skill or strength.

A sharp tug on my leg and the resultant pain bring me back to reality.
Sir , kaala straight ah vainga …. Move panna theenga….illena MRI seriya varathu…..” (Sir,Keep your leg straight n immobile else the MRI wont come properly) it is the lab technician reminding me as to where I was actually.

A couple of months after that glorious night I am here in a hospital bed watching the lab technician trying hard to make me understand that I need to keep my leg straight n still for a MRI. In turn I tell him “Anna kaal nera vekka mudila, adhaan prechanaye….adhukku than MRI eduka sonnanga” (Bro, the leg wont straighten n tats why the doc wanted an MRI)

After arguing for a few minutes and looking at my pain inflicted expressions he finally relents.

I come out of the MRI room and all the pain vanishes though only momentarily.
Pain is replaced with anger….fury….
3 guys who were supposed to be helping me are happily sitting in the waiting room munching on snacks from A2B….and all I get is only a few pieces of cashew pakoda L

Despite the pain I cajole them to take me also to A2B…… nothing better than good food J

24 hours later and I am back in the dreaded confines of the ortho’s clinic.
The diagnosis is grim….No More Football forever……

And how did it all start….by simply trying to get up from a bench……

The reality took me a few days to sink in. But looking back I can understand and am even thankful this dint happen a couple of months earlier. I realize am very lucky to go out on a winning note and having been part of a wonderful team of jokers who played with all they had. A team of walking wounded that refused to be cowed down by anything and let nothing come in their way.

I will never regret not being able to play again only because the memories of this victory would be with me forever…….

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